I shipped a package on Thursday Dec 21 2011 UPS Blue! On the day it's due, UPS scanned Adverse Weather Delay!

OK... now it's the 26th and they show the package moving from Albuquerque to Las Cruces... it's final destination... It arrived on time...

then on the 27th it was out for delivery... all weather delays were gone! So what happens??? No Delivery!

Finally they deliver on the 28th! When I asked for a refund for being late, they tell me no because of the adverse weather! I said, that was ok if they delivered on the 27th but they screwed up and delivered on the 28th! They said too bad!

I ask if it was still sitting in Las Cruses for another week would it still be the same story... they said yes!

I will never us UPS again!

I ship 200-250 packages week! FedEx is getting all my business if I'm paying!

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Same issue... I had diabetes supplies ordered for my son and the company sent it next day air.

I should have received in on December 30. The tracking info showed that is was in Lafayette, LA which is 40 minutes from our address. The only adverse weather conditions have been early morning fog.

Its a good think I had enough supplies to last until Tuesday thanks to the doctors office. I understand weather conditions exist but this time there were no such conditions that would have prevented delivery of this package on the 30th as scheduled...what about the 31st???


I too had a similar experience today. My package was scheduled to be delivered today.

When I tracked my package it was delivered to New Orleans LA, then sent to Lafayette where the online tracking system said "adverse weather". I live 45 minutes from Lafayette LA. I checked the weather reports for both Lafayette and New Orleans it has been clear skies for past two days. Customer Service advised that there were adverse weather conditions but could not identify what they were and advised that I would not recieve package until Tuesday.

It seems kind of fishy to me.

I could understand delays due to volume of packages being shipped but not "adverse weather" when there is none. I wonder if that is way of saying "we are backed up but don't want to reimburse you the fee you paid for overnight shipping".


This is the busiest shipping time of the year. Delays happen. Also because there is nice weather in your area that doesn't mean there isn't bad weather in the area where the package is coming from.

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