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I dropped off pkg at UPS provider, Dr MailBox, on 12/21/11 with From and To addresses and paid shipping charge. UPS provider did not put tracking # on pkg.

UPS picked up pkg, then called me later to say No Tracking Label and returned pkg to me with a tracking label UPS created. Why not just create tracking # and send pkg along? Joe Guerrero at call center outside U.S. said it was their provider's fault and their driver's fault and told me rudely to start over!

And start over I will--at FEDEX or the USPS! Will never do business with UPS again!

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WHat an ***. Guy, better yet ***, You are responsible for having the pkg ready.

That includes the label. If they are creating or delivering you a shipping label then it would have gotten where it needed to go.

You screwed up and I`m sure you lost the big client. hahahaha no j/k you are retarded.


Yeah, This is not my first rodeo and I have shipped packages for years using UPS, Fedex, and USPS. Things only move with tracking numbers and barcodes!

Authorized drop-off points and UPS are responsible for attaching the proper documentation before sending or bringing packages to their hubs.

I also have been in business for a long time and know how to deal with unhappy customers. It is obvious that UPS has no clue!


This complaint doesn't make sense, was it a prepaid label you put on or not? What do you mean "put a tracking number on it?" I don't think you know how to ship things.


dr mailbox should of put the label on...

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