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Ok so I buy $600 worth of stuff online, some shoes and clothes and paid an additional $60 to have it overnighted for an event I had to attend the next day. I checked the tracking the next morning and said the package was out for delivery.

Ok awesome. Our UPS guy usually comes always between 5:30-7 and sometimes a little later so I didn't expect it early. I live in an apartment complex and at 7:15 I went outside on my balcony and to my surprise I saw the UPS truck sitting in the parking lot across the street. Ok good I figured he was just getting packages in order for the complex, and it now being 7:15 ish the time he usually comes.

Next thing I see is him driving in my complex and driving right out!!!! No packages delivered! I check my tracking they said right after that that the package was held for extra security scanning! WTF!

Why would u drive this package all around to drive it back at 7 pm? Then I checked it about 15 min after and it then said package was held another day by receivers request!!! Um that defeats the purpose of next day air dumb-***! So now I lost all that money to have it overnighted and no outfit for my event!

Needless to say I'm PISSED! I think the guy was lazy and wanted to go home.

It's just driving around and handing out packages! How freaking hard is that!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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We have ups deliver payroll checks,he has been instructed to come into our lobby dial an ext until someone comes to the door to sign for them. He has came in 3 times now let the phone ring 1 time hang up and leave a sticker that he tried to deliver!

I caught him the last time getting ready leave...i said hey where are you going? His response...I am not waiting around all day! haha he let the phone ring once.

I hope someone does it to him when he is waiting on his paycheck. wow what a ***.


Yep, it happened to me in a similar way. Even though you must give them your phone # in case there is a problem.

My package was on the truck... but they had not written down my apt number. per the tracking it was undeliverable. I called, was told it was too late to redirect and it would be on Friday.

I mentioned a simple phone call would have been the thing to do. I was ticked but nothing I could do. The next day, I came home from work, tracking showed on the truck again. 2 mins later, UNDELIVERABLE and no one even came to my door or again, phoned me.

This time I talked to a mgr though and I told him this was unacceptable 2 days in a row and I could NOT wait until Monday because I had a presentation to give and needed those materials. He did send the guy back out.

He looked sheepish and guilty. The supervisor though did handle it and did the right thing.

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