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Where do I begin as I tell of my utter hatred of UPS. The last item that was delivered to me by these slobs was severely damaged.

This time, I was supposed to receive a package by the end of the does that mean? So I sat around the house after work until 7pm and still no delivery. I had tickets to the movies for 7:15pm, so I left. I cam home a few hours later, and walla!

There is a note on my door that I missed the delivery. Well that was on a Friday and we all know UPS dosen't do jack on the weekends. Anyway, I came home at 5:30 pm on Monday, still no note on the door. I figure they are going to be asshats again and deliver after 7pm.

Nope, wrong. They left my package in the apartment office without leaving a note on my *** door to let me know to get it before the office closed. These are the worst sub human creatures and I will NEVER, EVER ship UPS again.

Also, I will use vendors who give shipping options so I never have to deal with this POS entity ever again. UPS, a sincere F-YOU!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Hey Christopher, I guarantee YOU couldn't do MY job. I'd bet my life on it.

As for the pukey apartment remark, I happen to live in a very nice place. I love how you make comments that you know nothing about. Sounds very liberal of you.

Also, the notice didn't blow off, because there was no wind that day and my wife was here all day. If you are employed by UPS and made those comments, I hate UPS even more.


You are bashing a company that is making record profits in this poor economy.. As far as the "slob" comment goes, I guarantee you couldn't do the job..

There's a reason why we make $31 an hour, plus, have free health care and benefits, pension plans, and matching 401k plans..

Now it is entirely possible that the delivery notice blew off the window, isn't it? And an even more likely scenario, you live in a pukey apartment where many people live, any one of those people could have taken your delivery notice..


Have the same issue today. They blamed me didn't include the apartment number, which in fact I did, and finally they admitted that their driver overlooking the address.

Anyone who love UPS must be insane. This issue happens all time in UPS, try to call their customer services, wola! I bet you will know how it feel like to being treated like a dog. We are customers, we feed this bunch of *** and they don't even appreciate it, and act like don't care.

Well, good news is, it's kind of motivated that even being such a failure company, you still can survive in service industries.

For those lovers of UPS, good luck, I think you don't know much about them yet. Finally, I really want speak out loud to UPS for me to feel better, you have right color on your uniform, it represent what you are, simple and direct, good job.


I really think you are exhaggerating... a lot.

Cool off..

and good riddance to you as well. People at UPS work extremely hard, even for ungrateful exhaggerated drama queens...


To sum it up, the package I was supposed to receive didn't get to me until 5 days after the due date because of those f-n, rotten, pos UPS scumbags. I hope to hear that these filthy vermin are out of business soon. Good riddance to UPS.

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