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if you live in NW AR, you should have zero faith in your local UPS station to deliver something unbroken. I have worked at the station and can attest to the delapidated mentality of many of the employees to find joy in throwing packages on the ground and taking them across their knees to break.

i've seen contests between not just the handlers but also the drivers to break as many packages as possible is a certain amount of time. the drivers are often worse.

UPS is everything that went wrong with unions in a nutshell. UPS is everything that went wrong with America.

When you see a UPS truck you should have disgust at our country for birthing such a monstrosity. UPS in its early years was not union and the trucks and uniforms were white. they went union and the mentality of employees quickly started to deteriorate.

with it more and more broken packages and upset employees. the public started to throw more and more *** and dirt at the drivers and trucks prompting the need to paint them brown.

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Several terms you have used in your quaint story, are NOT used by the ranks of UPS employees.

Conclusion, you NEVER worked at UPS.

Good try though, troll.


I find this entire 'review' ridiculously spiteful and extremely difficult to believe. Not only does it reek of a troll but it also sounds like someone is quite possibly simply bitter over having lost their job due to sheer negligence on their part.

Nice try at mucking up the company by posting generalizations that cannot be backed up with any sort of realism but, so sorry, better luck next time!

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