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Ugh, where to begin??I had to do an insurance claim on my cell phone and was promised it would be delivered today.

I check the tracking this morning to see about when it would be delivered since I'm sending it to my work. It says "delayed" due to adverse weather. Ok, I understand that. So I call UPS just to make sure it would be here today.

Girl assures me (after I get through annoying automated system) that it will be here by 5 since it's a business. Ok. I can handle this. I get back online at 12ish and it's arrived at my local UPS distributor.

I feel better about it now. 1 o'clock rolls around, I check it again. It say's "destination scan at 1ish) but the DELIVERY DATE IS NOW TOMORROW! What?!

Are you kidding me?! It's blocks away from me!!! I have a business, I have to have my phone! So I call UPS back, after a 10 minute call theres "nothing they can do but I can contact the shipper and the shipper can change it so I can go pick it up" I'm even ok with this, so I call the cell ins company.

They call UPS, UPS tells them they cannot change anything about the shipping until an attempt at delivery has been made! Really?! Really?! Ugh UPS charged them/me dearly for overnighting and did not deliever!

Which I could understand if it didn't get here until 4 or 5 this afternoon, but NOON?! They couldn't deliver it in 4 hours since its blocks away?! UGH!

I will NEVER use UPS AGAIN!!!Beyond pissed!

Review about: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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After drivers have left a center the packages that arrive get delivered the next business day. There are not drivers and cars sitting around and starting their day at noon.

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