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I am so pissed with UPS right now that I just need to write this complaint!

Today I found the 2nd UPS sticker on my door announcing that again nobody was home at 10:55am to sign for the package and that a last attempt will be made tomorrow at the same time! In this case I suppose that if I don't want the package to be returned to the sender I should probably take a day off and wait for the delivery...

When I called to leave instructions for the package to be delivered after 5pm, I was told that the drivers are not available at that time (even though the sticker that was left behind has a time category "after 5:00")and that my options are either to reschedule the delivery for the moderate fee of $4.00 or I could pick it up myself. Not to mention that the package is not at the nearest UPS Store.

I have not experienced this lack of flexibility and poor customer service with any other shipping company and I hope I will not need to engage UPS ever again!

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YOU have no ide how ignorant people are! I could tell you stories!

Correct they would not leave a pkg at UPS Store, a privately owned franchise, unless they changed the delivery address to there. I will agree the UPS stickers left on the doors do need some changing but they are used company wide and different UPS Centers do have slightly different ways of opperating due to size or towns or delivery areas.

But if you stop and think just for a second...if they delivered every pkg to every customer who wanted a pkg delivered to them on a certian day at a specific time...those drivers would work 24/7/365!!! Come on get real.


I'm surprised at how ignorant people can be.. one - why is it so difficult to follow the few directions in terms of retrieving your package?

- two, why would they leave it at a UPS Store which is an independent company.

People are *** about some really petty stuff here like they are being attacked by some large corporation where when you actually read what these complaints say - you realize it's a lot of ignorant self centered morons. UPS is not the best company in the world- but what company could possibly service a customer like you anyways?


I wish I remembered where it was, there is a post about UPS attacking someones dog. ha ha

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