UPS handling of packages is abhorrent, even when labeled FRAGILE and packaged properly. The worst of it is they just don't care.

Their claim system sucks also, they expect you to wait around all day 9 am to 7 pm for them to show up and inspect damages which will not be covered anyway.

There is no excuse for this type of apathy and sorryness. I packaged my item in such a way that I cannot imagine that it was still broken it must have been run over by a truck or dropped from the plane, unbelievable!

UPS is the worst and I will never use them again and I plan on letting them know it.

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OK dum b Sht your too mentally handicap too get it. If you went on-line and looked at the packing requirements for Fragile items 1 lbs to 30 lbs value less than a thousand dollars you see you need to double box it with 200 lbs Mullen Corrugate, guess what stup id sht u-haul does not sell these kind of boxes they sell cheap ones furthermore you need to have 2 to 3 layers of plastic air-bubble cushioning with 2” of loose peanuts then rocket scientist you need to fill the void between the 2 boxes with 2 inches of loose peanuts 4inch corner blocks or 2 inch wide strips of 1 inch thick polystyrene 1pcf density. Did you do all that so your either to dum b or too lazy to find out how to pack a item so you blame everyone else you just got to love the mor-on on this site.


Higher standards, now that is funny. You need to browse this website.

Then again I am responding to the "package god" are you having a Napoleon moment, which means delusions of grandeur. I bought bubble wrap also at the u-haul store, but I guess that is moving supplies, too. To those consumers that are shipping items they don't want to have broken and mangled need to ship with any other carrier because UPS cannot handle fragile items.

BAD SERVICE, BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. My last comment and by the way have a nice day......


You just answer your own question U-haul is a moving company they sell moving supplies. UPS is a shipping company which requires a higher standard of packaging.

And I am sure you are disagreeing with that last statement! Let me in lighting you. When you move a item it gets packed loaded on to a truck driven to its final destination and unloading basically minimal handling. When you ship an item without getting long winded it gets loaded on and off trucks several times plus runs a conveyer belt system at several locations it is handle 2 to 3 times more then when moving an item.

All you have to do is go-on line and look at UPS Packaging requirements. A Mind is a terrible thing to waste.


This to "try again dtn" comment. It was packaged in specail packaging material bought at the U-haul dealer to trasport pictures and mirrors.

You don't know what you are talking about and you must be a employee of UPS. So go back to work and stop commenting on things you are not up to speed about. Like I said before if you don't have a dog in the fight stay out of the conversation. It was not your items that was damaged.

Again BAD SERVICE, if you don't believe me look at all the complaints on this web, I guess all these people are in the wrong and UPS is so superior. Please.


So here's the deal, putting fragile on a package has no bearing, ALL carriers have packaging guidelines shippers ie you, must adhere to otherwise people like you would be putting a lightbulb in a paper bag with fragile on it and saying it's the carrier's fault when it breaks.

ALL carriers have packaging guidelines they expect YOU to meet. Generally those guidelines include bubble wrap, and a minimum of 2 inches of loosefill, and more if particularly fragile, yes that means glass. Guess what, foam wrap and cardboard aren't enough.

ALL carriers ship using automated systems, machines can't read the chicken scratched 'fragile' on a package and furthermore don't care.

Pack to the carriers minimum standard and you are good to go, or at least have a case. If you don't know what those guidelines are, ask! One clue a fragile label doesn't qualify.


What I have to say to Rick and Package God is that if you don't have a dog in the fight, then stay out of it. I just sent a picture/glass/frame for my sister's birthday.

It was an orginal painting. Packed with foam over glass, sealed in cardboard bought for shipping pictures and mirrors it left here unbroken with markings of fragile - glass. UPS charged me additional for the glass content. It gets to the destination managled.

But the UPS inspector said it was not properly packaged. The only way they could have damaged this was to throw it at the truck. Nothing will ever be properly package, because they are not going to admit they were liable. It was sent in good condition and the only people who handle after it left was the UPS people so why were they not responsible for it.

What do think FRAGILE means!!! You UPS people need to audit your own instead blaming it on the customers. Believe me customer service personnel are no help at all.

Absolutely BAD SERVICE. I cannot believe UPS cannot get from point A to B without damaging your items.


most people who think they're good at packaging have no clue what they're doing in my experience


Maybe, Just Maybe your not as good a packer that you think you are. Just asking to what standards did you pack the item and what kind of testing has your packaging standards been put through.

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