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i ordered something from webs best deals and they shipped it through ups. but i never received my item.

either they delivered it to the wrong door, stole my package, or one of my neighbors took it (highly doubt that). all of this is very fustrating because webs best deals hasn't contacted me about this matter although i have made 3 attempts to contact them. and ups won't do anything unless webs best deals contacts them first. either way i will never buy anything off of amazon again.

what a bunch of thieves........ will be reporting this to the bbb and consumer affairs. also ups needs to stop allowing their drivers to leave packages at the door @ their discretion. they could say they left it and really be stealing.

all they have to do is scan it, mark it left, and then take it back onto the truck. what a scam.

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You didn't buy anything from UPS. Maybe you should be complaining about the person you bought from??Do you really beleive a driver is willing to lose an 80k a year job to steal your little pkg?

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