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UPS couldn't deliver a package if the address was right next door to them. One time before the Christmas holidays, i ordered a electric guitar to be delivered to my house.

Funny thing, It wound up being shipped to a bank just a few blocks from my house. After finding out where my package was sent, i called the bank's mail room dept who denied ever signing for a package even though Ups did confirm it was delivered to that specific bank. I know for sure someone at the bank did receive it and kept it for himself (early Christmas gift i guess). My friends, This is only one of many horrific encounters I've had with UPS and i wanted to share this experience with you.

I have more respect for the US Postal system than any self righteous corporate shipping company on this planet.

At least USPO knows how to find an address correctly. UPS SUCKS!!!

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hmmm. last time I chatted with my UPS guy he was telling me that there is a GPS in their computer delivery device and that it alerts them if they are in the wrong location.? something smells fishy


No, The shipper had the correct address. I confirmed this with the guitar shop and UPS. UPS just dropped the ball plain and simple.


Did you ever think that the company you ordered it from may have put the wrong address on the box?

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