UPS is a joke! I ordered a great desk from one of my fave stores, when it came around for UPS to do their part they had an epic fail.

What is the customer service number on the back for?

I will tell you. Its for them to tell you NO! They shot down all 3 of my delivery alternatives EXCEPT for me to go to South Boston and pick up the package (a 100 lb desk in 2 boxes) myself. What a f#@%ing joke!

I thought I was the customer!

I thought it was my money they would want, boy was I wrong. UPS is not interested in any kind of customer care, if they were I'd be typing this from my desk instead of the box my new computer came in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Yeah crazy, how dare they be upset at the people delivering it. Sad truth alert - where do you think the money goes when it says "delivery charge".

Regardless of how the money gets to UPS you are still paying for it either through margin on the product or a straight delivery charge. Get it?


Agreed John. Is it because you "work during the day, no one is home, blah blah." I hope not.

Sad truth alert: You aren't the customer, the company you ordered your goods from is.

You paid 'Company A', 'Company A' paid UPS on THEIR account and UPS picked up the product and shipped it. Get it?


What happened? They don't just call you and tell you to come pick it up because they don't feel like delivering it lol. I'm willing to bet there's more to this story.

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