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I will NEVER use UPS again! Those *** SOBs could not find my apartment AGAIN.

I even called earlier in the day to try and give directions (like I did the last time they couldn't find our place) so that I could get my package in time. The guy told me to let the delivery man try to find the place first and then call if it didn't show up. Sure enough it never came. I called and talked to an operator that said unfortunately we were unable to deliver the package because we didn't have an apt #--which I KNOW I gave.

She said we'll have to check our database for that information. I asked if I could just give the information to her or whoever needed it now. She said she was unable to update the address at this time. Now I have to drive 30 minutes to get my package on top of paying 18.00 shipping.

WTF?! UPS get your sh** together!

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