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I Wish UPS have estimated time frames for delivery times. I would be waiting all day for my package and check my front door every 30 minutes to see if any UPS trucks are outside but to find out I receive an UPS InfoNotice on my front door and it would be like 7pm WTF????

First of all, do they even knock the door or even ring the door bell? I speak for a lot of people when I say that people don't have all day to wait on a package. They should have an estimated time of delivery when you track your package like they do on their InfoNotice. For example: 12pm - 3pm, 4pm - 7pm.

I even left a note on the front door saying if no one answers the door, please leave package at the door and signed my name with the tracking number on there. Screw UPS. Everytime I buy items off ebay and find out it is being shipped via UPS, I feel like crying!

USPS and FedEx are way better! not to mention faster!

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The UPS deliver was so rude.

He was a big man.I am a lady in pearls.

He showed up with a pissed face because he could not find my address for his reason. (Fedex deliver package to me all the time).

I told him the address was correct. We are in a large building, it has 3 numbers. And my address is one of them. It is correct. He shake his neck and head, stared at me and said "NO".

I told him Fexdex and U.S. Post Service deliver to us all the time. He moved his pissed off head and mouth and said "I don't care, your address is wrong". He said "You don't even have a real sign for your address!" Actually, We have a sign, IN FRONT OF HIM.

I said "This address is correct. You can find it on I can show you on my computer. The UPS driver said "I don't care, you address is wrong!"

I truly feel physically threatened, and the deliver person obviously had mental issues which do not suit the job.

The UPS customer service just want to believe in his lies to protect the disgusting deed.


UPS should be ashamed for this driver and the customer service.


There is a way to get a guaranteed pick up/delivery time. Get packages delivered every day, just like you get mail at your house every day, and the mailman comes around the same time.

UPS drivers, unlike the mailman, have a completely different set of stops to make from day to day. Come on, use some common sense people.


I feel the same way. As i type this messsage i'm waiting for my ps3 in the mail and UPS gives a 11 hour time frame From 8 a.m to 7 p.m. This is ***!!!

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