UPS has consistently delivered packages to wrong address. This has happened 3 times within the last week. In addition to this once we finally get our package from our neighbor due to it being sent to the wrong address, the package is badly damaged.

Lastly, when we tried to reach UPS to file a complaint the Customer Service Representative insisted that we have to have a Tracking Number in order to file a complaint. After giving him the tracking number I continued to explain to him the incompetency of the delivery driver and although I did so in a professional polite manner, the representative hung up on me!


Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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UPS driver deliberately parked across my 3 car driveway--he smashed into my luxury car without looking 4 years ago, because he parked in a awkward position, again blocking my driveway.

Yesterday, he BS'd-me--very unpleasant that he had to make a delivery angled wise to another neighbor, and he told meI HAD to wait to enter my garage---he mouthing back at me---

This guy is a total bully---I reported him the first time, they still have him on the route--

How do I contact UPS--there is NO phone number, but did fill out a Consumer report against this driver and the Company..

It is totally unbelievable that they are so rude and negligent.

How do they stay in business---never have I run into this kind of situation with any business.


i waited all day for my 150 lbs of cat food package to arrive today with food to feed my exotic cats then at 5pm when i checked online the tracking progress there was a message saying they dont have my address so couldnt deliver. when i called to complain the rep.

i spoke to did have my correct address and I was told someone would call me back within the hour at which time i was told i could pick up my packages (an hours drive which i have no transportation so that is impossible) or I will have to wait another 3 days until monday, this isnt the first time this has happened and the way i was treated on the phone and lack of concern is very upsetting. There is nothing I can do but vent this way.

UPS have very unprofessional unpleasant and most of all uncaring employees who have no pride in their work! I was told they dont have radio's or any way to contact a dispatcher when I asked why no one called me to find out what my address was and I was here all day to answer the phone waiting for this food to be delivered, nor did they bother to email me.

Totally unbelievable this day in age I find it very unbelievable and think the driver just felt like starting his weekend early I am livid!!!!

I want the world to know if there is anyone else you can use for delivery I highly recommend you do so and NOT use UPS. Bad excuse of a company.


UPS strikes again...or rather doesn't...UPS has had my order for 3 weeks...now aparently they cannot find my package, they want me to track it through the shipper...what should a person do ??? Demand repayment through my credit card including interest and aggrivation...Way to go again UPS...I see many complaints against these 'people'...IT IS SICKENING

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