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I had a piece of glass delivered by United Parcel Service (UPS) when I received the glass the glass was scratched.The glass was insured, So UPS sent the money for the claim to the shipper, since the contract was with the shipper. the shipper was to send the check or refund to me.

the seller decided to keep the check for him self, and never reinbursted me. even though I paid for the shipping and insurence I received no refund.

UPS said there is nothing they can do since the contract is with the shipper.So getting insurence on a item using UPS means nothing. They will not refund nothing to you directly. If the shipper wants to keep the refund UPS says so what. I am one pissed consumer UPS SUCKS

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Ive been with ups for over 15 yrs. Ive seen so much.

Sometimes when a package is late being delievered ups will go in the system and change it to delievered on time to avoid a customer from being reimburssed for late service. Management is corropt. Trust me they abuse the *** out of their own people, including their own management staff, and then spit them out . Especially if a mangement employrr is coming close to retirement.

Thats a money saver for them. Big time. Its all about numbers and how much their stock market value that they are worth.

Like i said been there too long . :grin

Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States #3085

maybe if u werent such a retard you would of had something in writting from the shipper and understood the policy of insurance ..

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