Houston, Texas
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i have a package with delivery on the 11-16 but until now i couldnt get them.....i been waiting for day in my house just for the *** package....it's cool if UPS delivery them lated...but the customer services is horrible, been calling them for hours but said it's nothing they cant dont about it.i never had this kinda of experience with USPS or Fedex.horrible service, horrible customer service..wont chosing UPS or recommend for any1 else again.....and now my cousin wont have his bday present on times....thank to you U PunkSucker!!!....

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Ive got one better, they said they delivered my package today at 3:23....I was here, there is only one way down my street and back out...No UPS truck even came down my street today and there is no package....the wed site says at front door but its not there and they have 8 days to "trace" it, which consists of their driver going to the location where he left the package and looking for it..FREAKS


why is the word i d i o t censored? what country is this site from?


lol you didnt even make it through the title without making yourself look like an ***.