Saucier, Mississippi
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I am now setting at home waiting for a package from UPS that requires me to sign for. Friday I have one that I am also requires to sign for.

I call UPS to have them hold the package at the terminal on Fridays delivery so I would not have to wait all day for it to arrive. I was told that UPS had to make one attempt to deliver before the package could be held at the terminal. What, I am asking these idiots to hold a package so I can pick it up and not have to lose another day of waiting for UPS to deliver whenever they get ready. Delivery times can range from 9 AM until 9PM depending which driver is running the route.

I have never dealt with a more asinine company than UPS. This will be my last delivery from this useless company. I will not buy from a company that can not ship through the USPS. Never again will I use UPS.

The last package I got from these idiotshad tire tracks across it. UPS shove your no customer services.

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I have the same delivery problem staten island,new york,they make you wait home for an entire day and they don't show up,then they have the nerves to lie that they came to your.

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