I have had a box at the same UPS store for more than 10 years - it was Mailboxes Etc back then and they provided service. I called yesterday and asked if there was anything in my box from a specific company. The import who now runs the place said there was too much mail for him to check - so I drove the 40 miles to check and there were 14 items in the box. Their hours have gone from 7am to 9pm to 9am to 6pm. They've gone from 7 days a week to five and a half. The rates have increased by $45 a year and when you pay for a year you no longer get a free month. Talk about a down hill fall.

No service, no hours and increased - lazy, in the US to get rich with out doing anything.

Oh, I'm looking for a new mailbox service if anyone knows one.

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lol @ Wow my thoughts exactly. furthermore as the cost of doing business has gone up in the past 10 years, so too do the prices. big surprise i know lol.


So if there are customers he's waiting on and people standing in line, you expect him to stop helping those people and read you every piece of mail you have? And you have the nerve to call him lazy? F U you selfish piece of ***.

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