Cinnaminson nj UPS store charging tape that I use little bit inside the store $4.50 .

This guy name is Adam he did not like that I used his tape inside the store .

He can control the shipment charges if he does not like u . He can charge u more. Actual weight I do not know its right or not dims who knows he measured. He has full control on software program FUEL SuRcHarGe $3.34DeLivery Area surcharge $3.70,cms Processing fee .20. I paid a lot I know it $51,27.

I would go to USPS it would be less . I did not want to waste my time . Next time I ll.

How can this guy can play the price depend who you are.

How can this guy can charge tape (little bit I used inside the store)$4.50


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If you used the tape he sells, he has every right to charge you the full cost. Also, if you reached across the counter and grabbed his tape, he also has every right to charge you.

When you walk into someone's business, you don't own the place. If you had asked if they could tape it up for you, they might have done it for free, but when you grab and use something without asking, you're going to make employees upset.

Also, store owners have no control of their shipping prices, as those are set by UPS. Likewise, the fuel surcharge and delivery area surcharge are set by UPS; the former is a percentage of the total cost set at the beginning of every month, and the latter is a fee added if the area being delivered to is far away from UPS centers.

CMS fees are what the store is charged for printing a label.

New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada #690255

I payed over 6 $ for 3 page FAX,is that crazy or am I just cheap?

to tomuchmoney Chili, Wisconsin, United States #690521

You're just cheap

Naples, Florida, United States #688936

The UPS store is a RETAIL franchise. The owner controls the costs of his store. Next time, BUY a roll of tape from him instead of reaching across the counter and using THEIRS.

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