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I checked my package on line to see what it would cost, $33.34. I get to the UPS Store and the cost goes up to $109.00.

Part of this is the packaging that I forgot which added dimensions and weight. I can accept that. But what I cannot accept it the fact that the insurance on line is quoted at $.60 per $100 but the UPS Store quotes it at $1.75 per $100. Nearly 3X what UPS quotes.

That's BS. I will NEVER use the UPS Store again.

They said it iw waht UPS Charges them.

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Well I experinced only problems with any ups store ever used, example a package which I could ship from a Gas station 2 miles away would charge around 30 bucks for 35 pounds, a ups store or most other locations charged 65 bucks same thing, I would instead take my package to fed ex whatever I could find cheaper. Ok thats one thing but another is that they refused to pay for a stolen ounce of gold that I shipped using ups.

I used to ship at the ups location near me no problem one time I used ups in another location to ship 13 ounces of gold and somehow when it arrived only 12 ounces were there, ups refused insurance on the item:( At that time Gold was at 710 per ounce. Such a bunch of crooks, I went to usps and shipped from there at that point on, usps re insured me that the packages shipped from there were the most secure in the world as long as you purchase insurance. Even the Hope diamond was shipped using usps. RIP UPS Stores have caused me to also recieve broken items, things I bought off ebay ups packed and I had to wait a whole 2 months for a check to come out of the deal!

Additionally I send a package to Florida ups to a po box, before I knew the po box policy, it was never delivered, never attempted to be delivered ups had my phone number never called me than refused to refund my pament for shipping on the late product when it got back on my door. It was the only time I ever had to call my credit card company to dispute a charge, and came out ahead because ups didn't follow the company procedure.


on a smaller scale, here is my story about tactics of ups. now assume every day this happening all day long.

Beware UPS hidden fees. I used the UPS store on Cambie near 18th yesterday. I asked whether they did regular postage. The man said yes, put my large envelop on a non-metered scale and charged me $3.52. After paying, he then said, 'everything's fine. we'll put in the mailbox for you.' I said "I can put it in the mailbox." That's when things turned funny. The man very hesitantly took my envelop to another scale, one that is metered. It was at this point that I noticed that the first scale was not a metered one. He stood there a spell and finally, pressed the button and a postage sticker came out. He handed me back my stamped letter and I proceeded to walk out the store. Then, I noticed that the postage read just over 2 dollars! I went back and asked about this and the man said 'we're not canada post so we charge a service fee for putting postage on letters.'

i got angry and replied that nowhere was this mentioned. 2ndly, i was paying close to double just to have ups put on a postage. thirdly, I was angered by the theatre of it all--I would have been none the wiser if I had just let them put it in the mailbox. I demanded to know what the service rate is and the man then offered to give me back nearly a dollar and a half. I persisted and he offered that they have no system. He then said: 'we have a right to charge a fee for a service.' I yelled back that "that's not the point here.' There were others in the room and he then apologized. Don't use UPS, at least not the outlet on Cambie and 18th. Ask what hidden charge there is for a letter if you do use them. Bastards.


:eek hey boval! WTF!

It was not inacurate. That is why I posted it.

If the price is going to be different at a UPS Store (you know the ones that use the UPS name and log as if they are the same freaking place) then it should be posted on the web site. Keep your comments to yours self ***


UPS and The UPS Store has different insurance company! Try sending your stuff online using the UPS insurance.....just hope that you pack your package well and get to the destination ok!

becuase if somehow your package lost or broken...you will have a Great Time trying to get those insurance money directly from UPS!

You Get What you paid for! and Service.....cost $$$$$!


Are you kidding me pal. UPS Store owners are independent business owners.

Would you like to pay McDonalds the "cost" for their hamburgers...of course you would, so would I. The fact is that UPS Store owners revenue source is the mark up on UPS Services. One of those services is the declared value charge. If a package is damaged after being shipped via a UPS Store the store handles all claim paperwork and time involved...not YOU.

Before you criticize, educate yourself on the situation. Do you work for free?

If the answer is yes then kudos...I'm wrong. If the answer is no then please keep your inaccurate opinions to your self.


First of all you are an S.O.B. and second UPS sucks they are retarded over charging , I took a small phone cover that weighs about 1oz and they charged me $14.78.

That's almost what I sold the cover for on ebay! *** UPS !