Attention UPS Store Customers - A Federal Class Action Complaint has been filed in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado alleging and explaining the nature of the claims against the UPS Store, wherein, among other claims, one of the claims is that UPS has been fraudulently charging a jet fuel surcharge for Next Day Air and 2nd Day Air deliveries, when these deliveries are, in fact, being made by truck and not involving any aircraft or using any jet fuel.

You can read the Federal Complaint at the following link:

http://www.contractormisconduct.org/***/c you have shipped goods from a UPS Store location either intra-state or for a very short distance and have been told to use Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air service to make sure it gets there on time, you have been assessed this jet fuel surcharge, when, in fact, your goods were not shipped by air or any jet fuel was used.

To join this Class Action, email: birwin@ColoradoLawyers.com

Thank you.

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I'm sure you won't be victorious in this case, but I actually agree with it. there's no justifiable reason for a fuel surcharge to be 5 times higher for an "air" package that never actually boards a plane. unfortunately, like the previous poster stated, UPS Stores are NOT the ones to attack here, as they are required to charge what UPS tells them to.


couple of things...

the ups store locations are indepentently owned and operated franchises mandated to follow the rules of the franchisorn in this case ups. one of those rules states that stores must charge exactly the same rates as ups directly. ups stores do not charge anything in regards to fuel that is not mandated by ups.

fyi there are NO jet fuel charges assesed ever. the charge is a fuel charge. period. ground packages also pay a fuel surcharge.

typical ambulance chaser.

ups is the franchisor

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