I went to the UPS Store in Germantown, MD to get a quote on packaging and shipping a printer to ND. They did everything they could to NOT provide packaging services.

First, the sales person in the office said she could not pack the printer because it was to heavy! WTF. I reply " I will help you" she still didn't want to do it and said she wanted to wait until later.

Next, a second person finally came and he was worst then she was. He didn't want to give me a quote and when he finally did he had the Worst attitude about giving me a quote. He said it will cost $80 to ship a 30lb box to ND. I had to remind him that I just shipped a 60lb box the day before for $30. Same size.

To sum it up, I left and will never return to that office again and will be filing a formal complaint.


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