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I am pissed. I tried to ship a shipment I had recieved 2 days ago back to the shipper in the orginal box.

UPS Store refused it because the box had International markings on it. I turned the box inside out, taped it up and set it back on the counter again. NO MARKINGS ON IT AT ALL NOW. They still refused it.

I was pissed. I ask if I took the box home and repackeged it and brought it back if they would accept it. They then said they would open the new box and see if I had used the orginal box in the construction of the new box and if they found anything suspicous they would again refuse it. I subsequently found out they were going to charge me $25 instead of the $20 I would have paid UPS.

The UPS store is really "Mailboxes" franchisees liscensed under UPS.

I wouldn't do business with any or either of them.

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Here's another tidbit. The UPS store at 340 West 32nd street DOUBLED my box rent without so much a advance warning.

When I tried to put through a change of address, I discovered that this is not allowed -- that the post office will not forward UPS box mail. I changed to the still reasonably priced UPS store at 2554 West 16th street in Yuma and was told the 32nd street locale would send my mail there. But when my aged mother inadvertently used the old address they sent it back as undeliverable with black markings all over it.

Hope they're happy with their increased box rent. Only people with money to burn would keep a box at th 32nd street address.


I recommend you speak to Mike(The supervisor) at Yuma,Az Foothills.

He is bright and easy to talk to. He will fix whatever is wrong and get your mail to you or outgoing to its destination.

Don't waste time talking to counter staff, Mike is the guy who will smoothly deal with anything.

He's a one of a kind Good Guy who genuinely cares,seriously.


I really believe this store in particular is out to charge for everything. I went to drop off a package there, and the employee said I would need a new box and would need to use different tape.

I told him that the box was more than fine and that the tape I used wasn't coming off(note: I worked for UPS for several years while in college so I have a good idea of how to pack it before it enters the system).

He refused to accept the package at all without me buying a new box and use thier tape. So I drove to the distribution center @ 2 1/2E and they took it no questions asked. I refuse to go back there after the B.S.

that the employee told me. I'd steer clear of this location.


HEY, UPS DRIVER: Is THAT why all my insured boxe claims were denied? They all were purchased at Home Depot and had HOME DEPOT logo printed on two sides. I definitely am NOT buying UPS boxes at the exhorbitant prices they charge.

UPS STILL sucks.


Well, I am a UPS Store employee, I assume that this was cleared up in 2009, but this is still relevant to other people.

The cheap 49 cent boxes at places like Home Depot, Walmart, and Uhaul are exactly that, cheap! They are not built for shipping, they are cheap recycled boxes found out of dumpsters esentially.

The UPS Store boxes are strong, sturdy and yes EXPENSIVE!!! They are built to last and to withstand shipping!


If you do not ship items in new boxes or incorrectly package items, ups can and usually deny any claims on the packages damaged. Many companies have deals with UPS when shipping items in just the original box, for cliam reasons rights that an individual shipper does not have.

@ups driver

UPS will DENY any and all claims even if you bought extra insurance. Face it.

UPS is America's greatest rip-off. The strategy is "we will send a claims inspector (?) in 2-3- weeks to examine your damage" (sic). You are to wait with your damaged boxes, for the rep to show up. Do not unpack anything.

Just wait 2-3- weeks. How reasonable is that?

I use FedEx now. Nothing has ever been smashed with FedEx.