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I walked into my local UPS store here in Miami and asked about shipping a parcel to Russia. I was told I should use my UPS account for this purpose, that it would save me 20%. I did this and returned to the store the next day.

I had already shipped more than 10 boxes with this same store that week, so they knew me and I them. The kid behind the counter quoted me somewhere between $150 and $200 (the owner confirmed this was likely just a wild guess) and took the package. No receipt was given- in fact, none can be given because the money side of the transaction is between me and UPS, NOT between me and the UPS Store.

So I was shocked and alarmed to see my invoice for $856- which was then charged to the company credit card on file!

UPS says the quote the UPS Store gave me is irrelevant, it is my responsibility to get the price online BEFORE going to the UPS Store. UPS Store owner says there's nothing he can do, he didn't take the money, just the package. So, basically, the UPS Store can quote whatever it wants!

The UPS Store guy even volunteered to let me use his account for billing (I would then pay him, about half what they charged me) but UPS does not respond.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Account.

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go to a ups customer counter at a terminal. its cheaper there because you are directly dealing with ups itself not the store


Let's get the record straight.

The UPS Stores are independently owned- UPS does not have any 'money on the table'. However UPS dictates the prices the stores charge UPS Store customers.

If you have your own account with UPS why aren't you printing your own label? Why do you expect an employee of a franchise to do free work for a UPS customer? There is a BIG difference.

The sad fact here is, because you have your own account- your get discounts that are better than any UPS Store gets. How is this fair? Do you ship > 30 pkg per day? It's a crime what UPS does to heir franchisees!!!

It appears that you weren't educated by UPS when you opened your account. That's where your anger is based. UPS will give anyone with a heartbeat an account. Then always require a credit card to open an account. No one told you how your account would work, did they? Sadly they didn't tell educate you on your responsibilities for shipping hazardous materials either. So, if you choose to ship mercury ( for example) YOU will be exposing the UPS Store employees to the hazards of mercury and YOU will be exposing the owner of that store to fines by the department of transportation. UPS will not cover the fines for your mistakes. (The store owner can be fined up to $250k) You are their customer yet they do nothing to educate you about your account.

You mentioned an invoice for $800; the invoice may be for a total amount of all boxes shipped that week.

The UPS Store employee has no way to know what a charge for your package would be because he has no idea of what discounts UPS is giving you.Be mad. Be mad at UPS.


I completely agree with your point that you raise and the fact that the UPS store incorrectly quoted your bill. I guess the point that I am trying to make (no disrespect) is that if I am throwing out some cash, I am going to be skeptical of a sketchy estimate and no paper work involved.

If you go to a Ford dealership and they tell you "well this car is going to cost 15,000 to 20,000 thousand but that is just a guess" and then have no paper work to show for it, when the car really costs 85,000. I would be pissed at the dealership, not Ford.

Yes it gives the company a bad name for those who are not aware of the fact that they are independently owned. Maybe that is the stores way of making the big sales, maybe that store feed on the less cautious.

While everyone does things their own way, I for one never leave a purchase of any significance without something set in stone, on paper, for this reason exactly. Like I said, I mean no disrespect, but it seems this problem could have been avoided, and again, this problem stemmed from the store and their incompetence to quote your price correctly


Billy, have you heard of deceptive advertising? I understand that in the end, of course, it's my responsibility. But is it reasonable to expect your customer to research corporate ownership before engaging in a transaction? Ford and Ford dealers are separate companies of course, but they do share some things in common, one of those is upholding the good name of the company.

What if you were ripped off by the Apple Store? Should Apple tell you it's your fault, deal with it sucker, you should know that the name "Apple" is just an advertising formality? How about a McDonald's franchisee? Should McDonald's tell you e. coli is not their problem?

Of course not. UPS is putting its good name at risk with this dubious association. It may not be morally wrong but I just can't imagine it's good business.


This should be a UPS store complaint, not UPS. The stores are independently ran.

The UPS trucks pick up and deliver to them, that's it. You should not have listened to them because as you said, UPS is the one that charges.