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Got my order from Macys today it was an engagement ring

i open the box and to my surprise there was no ring only the box the ring came in and the receipt, they cut the box were no labels

and patch it up with clear tape to make it look unopened, i did not

even bother to call UPS and call Macys and they will send me my package again but until january so the employe who stole my ring *** up all my plans and ended up costing me a lot a money time and a hole lot of stress

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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New London, Minnesota, United States #763847

So you really think the employees of delivery companies have x-ray glasses? They have the time and means to looks through all packages for pricey items, especially at peak Christmas rush????

You must be off your rocker, or on some good drugs! Or maybe you have the need to be put on some good drugs?

Its sounds fishy that macy's is just going to take your word the the ring just vanished oops I mean stolen!

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