Phoenix, Arizona
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I ordered a beautiful leather Coach purse worth hundreds of dollars and all the sudden I get a notice on my phone that UPS delivered it. I go outside; nothing there, out back; nothing.

No one delivered anything! I called UPS to tell them what happened, they acted like it wasn't a big deal and that a 'investigation' is going to start. I am so angry, this is so screwed up! Luckily Coach is going to send another, and if this happens again i'm going to scream.

You would think UPS would be on top of this type of thing, but aparently not. UPS CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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My Neighbour stole my purse. I saw when UPS delivered my package across the street (to obviously the wrong address) , someone open the door and relieved it .

Of course I called coach and I was sent another one ...

But before I called , I went my neighbors house to ask them if they could give me my package and they said there was nothing delivered to them . Now I see they B with my purse like if she bought it .


When i order from different companies they most alway's use UPS to send my package's.I have had some of my package's left on my front step's because i was not home at the time of delivery.My UPS driver has never stolen anything from me nor have i never recieved my package's.I have had several different people to tell me that,Someone took their package's from their porch.But to be truthful i do not believe this account.(1)Because i reside in one of the most high crime area's in DALLAS,TEXAS and Know one has ever stolen anything from my front proch or Anywhere else.Also it is unlikely that you would not have had to SIGN for this purchase because it was an expensive item being sent.The reason i am stating this matter is because i have ordered expensive item's and I alway's had to SIGN for these item's.I do not believe that the UPS driver stole anything from you.I believe you are trying to run a SCAM JOB on UPS.


Well you can screw off dude. Get off your high horse, i'm just a normal person I don't give a *** about UPS and making a bad name for them.

They have already done that for themselves, who are you to judge me and say that i'm something i'm not. If you think your so cool then why are you on this website in the first place?


So you saw the driver steal it? If you didn't, our accusation can be taken as libel since you wrote it and put it on the internet and can get you sued for a lot more money than that Coach purse costs. And I doubt Coach will just randomly send another bag to an address where the tracking number shows DELIVERED.


Of course I didn't see them steal, duh. That's the whole point.?

Coach was very apoligetic about everything and when they did send another one I speciflly asked them to make someone in my household sign it. Deal with your own problems lady.


So you admit to accusing someone of theft when you have no proof that a theft occurred. Yet you get angry when a poster on here accuses you of the same thing.

Pot, meet kettle. Hypocrite.




doesn't necessarily mean the driver stole it. it was probably just misdelivered or shipped to the wrong address by the company you ordered it from. inconvenient yes, but it's not like you've lost money.


Yes, it turns out my neighbor got it and walked it over to my house a few days later.