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My fiance and I just received our thousand plus dollar ASUS laptop shipment we ordered two days ago via Amazon Prime, the only problem was that there was no laptop in the box when we opened it. It was dropped at 6:15 PM on our front doorstep in San Antonio, TX, we knew because the Chihuahua started barking.

The driver was gone when the box was taken in a few minutes later. No bother on the part of Amazon to require a signature from the recipient (one would think that would be standard for such a high value item). The outside packaging looked fine. The shipping stated 6 lbs, however, it was about 5 lbs short of that.

I opened the shipping box from the bottom. The inside manufacturer box had a rip on its side. The laptop was gone but the accessories were left behind. Upon closer inspection I found that the clear packing tape on the top of the box had been cut open and then carefully re-taped.

I don't know why Amazon wouldn't ship expensive items with their tamper evident logo tape.

Very disappointed in Amazon and UPS. Waiting to see if Amazon will refund for the missing item.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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Personally, I think very little about the integrity of Amazon.

Several years ago Amazon shipped a Pirated copy of 'FileMaker', and refused to make good on a claim.


Amazon refunded the money. I understand the decision to not sign, but it does take liability for theft off the consumer when they don't sign that the package is what they ordered.

I don't know how UPS can allow one of their employees to just walk off with a laptop when cameras and metal detectors should be the norm for shorting facilities.

They should use automated internal controls to weigh packages throughout the shipping chain to make sure that if a 6 pound package is sent then a 6 pound package should arrive. :roll


Even if cameras are installed all over the sorting facility there is nothing to stop a driver from opening a package somewhere along their route. So the package can be monitored and show 6lbs from the time it leaves Amazon until the time it gets on the truck, but there's nothing to say a driver won't just pull over or take a few minutes at a stop to pilfer things.


Online shippers do not have a signature required on their items because if the person is not home due to working all day as many people do, then UPS has to try again the next day during regular business hours when once again the person is not likely to be home. Then the package is returned and it is a big hassle for the customer and the shipper so it is simply easier to not have a signature required.

Why Amazon didn't use the tamper evident logo I couldn't tell you. But whenever you order online do not expect the shipper to require a signature.