Caguas, Puerto Rico
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Order a part from Sears who used UPS as their shipping company. My address here in Caguas was complete in my order; the shipping label had the correct address.

The area of delivery is a small, long standing development known to everybody in our city: Urb San Alfonso, Caguas. Yet UPS never delivered; package sat on their warehouse here in Caguas, Puerto Rico, for five days. Finally tracked the package after contacting Sears. Had to personally visit UPS office here in Caguas to pick up the package - thirty minutes from home; no excuse, no apology...

Simply an act of incompetence and negligence. Sears, please no more UPS.....

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ups forced me to create a website name these people run a scam, remember, they do deliver jewelry, arms and other values, stay away from this "company" use USPS instead. Can't be trusted, highly NOT recommended.


I have to ship something to Urb. Bairoa Park in Caguas.

What additional information is needed to make sure they get the package. Any information would be helpful.

Thank you!


I also live in PR, also in Caguas like the first post and its true that all the items that I receive on UPS I had to pick them at the warehouse. Guitars, toys, clothes, skateboards, anything, UPS dont deliver

to The worst service Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico #754961

Where is this warehouse located. I live in Las Piedras and also have a package that was not delivered to my address and it is sitting at UPS warehouse in Caguas but cannot get anybody to tell me the exact locacation. They told me that is at the Angora Industrial Park which I don't know where it is.




I live on a paved road in the US within 5 miles of a large town, there are numerous homes, my 911 road address is posted on a board at my drive. I have lived here for 25 years.

For the fourth time this month UPS has returned a package to sender. Their explanation was that the addressee said they did not order the merchandise and did not want it. UPS never contacted me. Never.

From now on I request FedEx and pay the extra.

FedEX has never failed to deliver here. Never.

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