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I ordered a pair of head phones on December 11th, and UPS claimed it would come on the 17th. That day came and went, and I kept on waiting.

It was the holiday season, after all. But after two more weeks, I got frustrated. I went to check were my package was stranded, and it was in Mesquite. It had been for the past half month.

It was leaving Mesquite, only to get delivered right back to it. Now, it's January 9th, and it is still stuck in Mesquite. The last tracking detail was on December 28, in which it stated that it "arrived in Mesquite." The Mesquite UPS post has no excuse for this. I looked around, and apparently, many people have packages stuck or "missing" there.

I ordered 3-5 day shipping, and it's almost been a month.

They have no excuse, especially when USPS and FedEx have been delivering packages throughout the holiday system with minimal setbacks.

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