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UPS employees stole my UPS package. A family member shipped a brand new handbag worth $2,600 via UPS 3 day guarantee.

The package was packaged properly with the handbag wrapped in cloth, then placed in a small box. This small box was then placed in a larger box. The larger box contained styrofoam and padding. When I received the UPS package, the packing tape on the bottom part of the box looked frayed.

In addition, while the top and sides of the box were taped with many layers of packing tape, the bottom of the box was only taped with one layer of packing tape. Also, the box was very very light - as if nothing was inside. I opened the box and inside was the small box. The small box was empty - only the cloth remained.

Someone at UPS had opened my package en route and took out the contents. I have contacted UPS but they are being non-responsive and uncooperative. UPS just keeps on telling me that "they are sorry this happened" and that "they are looking into it". UPS should take responsibility for this because it is one of their employees that stole and committed a federal felony.

I will never use UPS again and will bring an action against UPS in small claims court.

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Thanks for the information. It does seem like right now the UPS Store is where the problem is.

I have asked for my original tracking number along with a claim number. I have all the receipts I was given at time of shipment. The only number is called a parcel shipping order. Manager keeps saying he will call back.

Last night he said he would have some information today, but once again no call. I have been more than patient up to now



UPS stores are actually a franchise. They are ran individually.

If there is a problem with the personnel at the store, don't blame UPS itself. The stores do have a contract with UPS, but basically they do everything themselves and once a day they have a truck pick up all the packages brought in to them. If you have your shipping info, you need to go through UPS, not the store.

UPS will honor your insurance claim, unless the store screwed you over. Then I would be going after them


Similar thing happened to me. I inherited my brothers expensive digital Olympus camera. Cost was in the 2000.00 range,and can not get this model any longer. I discovered there was a recall on the model for a new chip to be replaced,contacted Olympus,filled out the form, and packaged as instructed. I was to have camera returned within 10 days. I bought $1500.00 worth of insurance, and sent 2 day UPS.

The following Monday I received a call from Olympus, saying the box arrived, but the only thing in the box was the form, styrofoam peanuts, and camera. The weight on the UPS receipt shows 2 lbs, which proves there was something in the box at shipment time. The box was so small, that it would not have weighed anything without the camera.

After a few calls, UPS finally sent inspector to pick up the box from receiver, but have not gotten any answers since then. It's been over a month now. UPS store owner does not return my calls. I can't even get them to give me a tracking number so I can do follow up on my own. The original receipt has only a store bill number,which does nothing for tracking.

This camera had sentimental value to me more than anything,since my brother passed away in Nov. I will never ship through a UPS store again. I have much better luck with the USPS or Fed X.


Did buy insurance - but not to cover the full cost of the bag. Mother thought that if she insured it for the full price, it would draw unnecessary attention to the package and that someone would steal it - ironic.

And filed a police report. Spent quite a long time there - I thought the NYPD would laugh at me for reporting this sort of theft but turns it this is grand larceny so they gave it more attention.


You will get your money back, at least if you were smart enough to insure the package.

Iplaypearldrums....Everyone seems to know a guy who knows a guy who works for UPS and does this, except that it doesn't actually happen.


When I was in college I knew of a guy that worked for UPS in a warehouse. He said they kick pkgs around like footballs.


Did you buy insurance?

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