I don't know whether to be furious with UPS or Staples-both holding up compensating for 5 claims-Staples lost paperwork and customer svc. agent at Staples delayed claims; UPS beat the *** out of at least 5 boxes, and tried to tell Staples that some boxes were undeliverable because the wrong address was listed for shipping.

Shipping address was verified by both me and the place of delivery. UPS delivery people are liars. First claim was submitted December 15; STILL no compensation.

Staples passes the buck and customer svc people don't follow through. UPS Staples NEVER again

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I've had 3 insurance claims in the past month, all approved.


Your right they don't take long to process claims. The problem is the claim is always marked denied. They don't pay any claims.


Why do we continue buying from 'superstore' companies that care nothing about their customers. They are run by Wall Steet boards and care about one thing, maximizing profits.

My company stoped buying from them about a year ago and started buy from a small company called MySupplies.

Their service is fantastic and they are actually cheaper! I would stop spending my money where it is not appreciated if I were you.


UPS doesn't take long to process claims, usually about a week. Since you shipped it through Staples though, they are issued the refund, then they refund you, so it might take a while.

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