Really is there any hope that if enough people get the message not to use UPS can we put them out business.

Probably not.

My wife watched the UPS delivery man deliver a package to our concrete front step by throwing it apoximately six feet.

She of course complained about his behaviour to customer service, (this only took her 2 and half hours).
Her at home business relies on package delivery, and many of her products are fragile in nature so it seemed worth the effort.

Subsequently the UPS delivery man has consistently failed to deliver packages on time for a variety of reasons such as "signature required" when we were in and he couldn't even ring the bell.

Can we prove anything, no.

Do we think UPS cares. No.

Are we prepared to spend more time complaining only to potentially make the situation worse. No

Judging by all the other negative reviews UPS has we believe we are not being singled out for terrible service we believe it is systemic to the entire organization.

We have decided to request any delivery mechanism other than UPS.

I encourage everyone to do the same.

And I only have one word for UPS. Fedex.
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