Ups Standard Delivery Service Reviews

I paid a lot of money ($275) for a package (Lonovo laptop $240) to be safely and easily delivered to my mother (67yrs old) in Ukraine, after one week the UPS in Ukraine received the package called her and told her you have to pay $6 otherwise we will not deliver the package (she lives 15 minutes bus ride from the UPS store) They kept the package in hostage until she paid the $6 dollars and then they told her to pay taxes (I understand people...
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Anonymous $6? Really?
Also, this is a UPS complaint not UPS Store.

I liked
  • Ukraine ups is mafia
I didn't like
  • Ukrainian ups is acting like mafia
Received a tracking number and was informed that the seller had paid for UPS standard. Move forward to today when the camera was due to arrive. I have been waiting all day and UPS' rubbish app has been saying its in transit and on time. Scheduled delivery today by the end of today. According to their website by the end of today is 7pm. It's now 7.40pm and still no parcel. No sign of the camera actually being out for delivery and when you phone...
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