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My urgent parcel was held at the Ottawa UPS station for four days, according to the tracking information, because of a supposedly incorrect address. After talking, via the phone, to a rather rude employee, I was forced to go to the Ottawa station to retrieve my URGENT parcel. I think it was intentionally planned that customers looking to pick up their undelivered parcels were subjugated to long lines and waits while one staff member tried to find the parcel.

After waiting I finally got my parcel to realize that the address on the parcel was correct!!. I have been living in my house for over 10 years so there is no excuse in not being able to find the house. The location is easily found on the local Ottawa map, and a simple look-up in the phone book would have verified the address.

Perhaps UPS should ask their employees to undergo simple intellectual tests to ensure that they are able to read. I find it hard to believe that UPS, with the current batch of brain-dead employees, is the largest courier company in North America.

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UPS has poor customer service, even speaking with Customer Relations or their supers will get you absolutly nowhere except if you are a huge company thats ships alot. They over charged me for declared value insurance and when it came time to pay me thats when I was informed that "we have limits" but they never mention limits while paying them!!

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