I hate myself for using UPS again... I've had so many terrible experiences with them.

My very first experience was getting a package from Cinncinati to Montreal where I paid the highest premium to get my goods delivered. It took them THREE weeks to get me my package. I could have mailed it via regular mail to have it sooner!! My second experience was worse...

I went fishing in British Columbia and had $500 worth of fish expedited to me with UPS. They delivered it to the wron address on a Wednesday and told me they would TRY to get it back. They only did get it to me a week later when all the fish was spoiled due to the fact that the ice melted!!! This week, I was expecting an 85 lbs guitar amplifier to be delivered from California to Alberta...

they have tried to deliver the item to a sister company of ours instead of the address listed on the parcel... now they have lost it!!!!

MORONS!!!! I am the Vice President of a large chemical company and have instructed my staff to ban UPS from any and all future business.

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Madison, Wisconsin, United States #579359

I hate myself for using UPS again... I've had so many terrible experiences with them.

(sorry for the theft of the above 2 sentences). Called the guy at UPS who refused to tell me his name at 3: 12 PM on 7th Dec. 2012. After a while of telling him my opinions about UPS.com being unable to find where to update my debit card info on UPS.*** he told me he is hanging up on me because he dislikes the way I talk English to him.

The next one was a female who transferred me to a supervisor "ALBERT" who had a very heavy accent and I could not understand him a bit and he told me a lot of unnecessary words etc. briefly he was a useless one and finally after wasting 10 min.of my time he offered to transfer me to the right department. VICTOR was the next guy and he soon after let me know he was the wrong department as well. Stephanie was the 6th person and she took care of my debit card update and none of them explained to me how UPS.*** works online to update one's debit card expiration date.

Again, I hate myself for using UPS again... P.S.: I hate captcha, but yours is a good one.


Whaat kind of *** you have to be to post a fish???


We have an *** (Maximus) calling an *** (Original Poster) an ***. Does that clear it up for you?

Plus you are right about shipping Canadian fish he should be shipping American fishes. And I am sure the U. S.

Customs Dept is not set up to handle perishable items. Plus who in this world would want to eat the fish they caught on a fishing trip.


Correct ME if I am wrong Priceless, but I think Maximus is referring to the person who posted the original message, not me. I was simply calling myself an *** so I could save the person who made the complaint the trouble.

It is impossible to reason with people like that, as they simply resort to name calling to get a point across.

I am not sure about whether they insure food or not, but Shipping a perishable through customs, where it can get held up (NOT UPS FAULT) sounds like a gamble to me. I have never heard of it being problem, then again I don't know anyone who kills wild animals in other countries to have them shipped back.

Couldn't a person just make arrangements with the airlines they travel with? Must be a business owner thing....


We have an *** calling an *** an ***.

Correct me if I am wrong but UPS does not insure food


You get what you pay for. Quit trying to save a few bucks & insure the parcels. UPS staff get the boot when they screw up insured packages.


Such an immature comment coming from a supposed professional. You should be embarrassed.....UPS offers insurance options and refund policies for mistakes made on their part.....save yourself the time, because what do I know? I'm just an *** also.


US drivers are pretty good. Canadian ones are idiots though, from what I hear.

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