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I paid a total of $360 ($180 per box) to ship 2 wardrobe boxes containing clothing and shoes from Wisconsin to Arizona. These were transportation/shipping approved reinforced boxes; UPS inspected and approved packaging prior to shipment. Both boxes weighed just under 50lbs, but were rated to hold maximum weight of 160lbs. I paid additional money to have each box/contents insured for $500. The boxes were shipped at the same time but arrived two days apart.

The first box arrived badly damaged with black marks all over the outside, including what appeared to be tire marks. The box originally stood 36" tall but had been cut down and re-taped with a new height of 24". There were several large holes that had been taped up and repaired. Upon inspection of the contents, it appeared that the box had broken open and all of the clothing fell on the ground. All of the dress shirts and dress pants had black stains on them. Suits and dress shirts ruined.

The second box arrived two days later, except this was not the original box I shipped. Turns out they damaged the original box so badly that they repacked everything in another box half the size. They literally crammed all of the clothing into a smaller box and in the process lost several items including two pairs of shoes. A number of dress shirts were ruined.

I filed a claim and it was denied because they could not inspect the original packaging! Guess what UPS!? You destroyed the original packaging with your inability to perform a service as you promised. How can I provide you with the original packaging when you destroyed it? Although I paid top dollar to have these items shipped, my claim was denied. And although I paid to insure the contents, my claim was denied. The owner of the local UPS store just shrugged her shoulders and blew me off.

UPS IS UNETHICAL, UNFAIR, AND DOES NOT CARE ABOUT IT'S CUSTOMERS! All I'm asking for is for UPS to make it right and they refuse!

Monetary Loss: $360.

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Yep, "another one bites the dust"...

Had (and still have) kind of the same of horrible problem with them. 4 of 5 packages sent from Spain to UK with damages that they don't want to pay (computers, so figure out, 3000 value, lost 1000 in broken parts). Plus a 5th package with ski clothes lost that they are asking me after 3 months that if I want it back I have to pay storage at their Germany location.

Guess someone at UPS does not have winter clothing in his wardrobe.

Checking on the net, there is a lot of people suffering from the same, I guess UPS deserve a special website to receive complaints in one source so is easier to people to research about UPS before sending stuff. I'll make one.

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