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Worst customer service ever. Monet, employer ID number PSBU, - she said she was out of the Philipines??

According to UPS, there AC is in Ohio. I have been doing business with UPS for 10 years. I am a small business owner out of Ca. and have used UPS since the inception of my business.

A mistake on their part - CC info was changed, according to them, but we changed nothing, closed my account, and I had to deal with the rudest, most incompetent person in the world. From the word go she acted as as if she was being put out to help me. I was trying to get a straight answer on what was going on with my account and to no avail, she could provide no info. She lied to me and stated I had to pay not only the past 2 weeks on my account but the future bills to which were not owed.

I knew this wasn't correct so I pressed her on it. This was false. When I asked for a supervisor, she said no one was available and to call back in 20 minutes. I just wanted my account back up so I gave her my CC info.

She put me on hold, came back on the phone and gave me no info if she had processed my card or not. I asked to speak to another person and she said she would just put me back into the que. I said okay. She hung up on me.

No answers, rude, don't know what she did with my cc? When I called back, they were closed. Now I know why she wanted me to call back in 20 minutes. I have never had a company, lie and tell me I owed $1k more then what I truly owed to have my account put back on.

I've been with UPS for 10 years. average of 2k-3k a month in charges. I spoke with another representative about this when I got off the phone with Monet. He apologized and was very polite.

He stated there was nothing he could do tonight but tomorrow he would fix it. I had 2 day airs, packages to go out. We are a distribution business - we ship products. We love our UPS driver, Thomas.

In fact he just had a baby and we gave him his gift today on his first day back from family leave. I have been a loyal customer of UPS, but that ship has sailed, because Monet, for all I know is using my cc info for herself, couldn't talk to me like a human being. She couldn't explain things to me, she tried to get me off the phone, she lied to me about what I owed, she acted as if I couldn't ask questions, as if I was bothering her to do her job. She lied, cheated, stole, was rude, condescending, and so on.

We had her on speaker phone. Our CM manger was in the room with me, and she was more flabbergasted then I was. It took us about 5 minutes to make the decision, if she is not fired from her job, we are going to FEDEX.

If a UPS manager sees this and actually cares about your customers, you'll contact me, if not I'll be back in a week to talk about Monet again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

UPS Cons: Poor customer service, Unethical business practices, Customer service agents, Accounts receivable worker monet.

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I have nothing to do with UPS but you are slanderous and should be called to account. Monet told you what the system said you owe.

She can't know if someone has stolen your account information, so she didn't lie to you. On the other hand you have accused Monet of using your credit card inform for criminal purposes, with no proof.

Call your credit card company and check for fraud before you accuse. Enjoy Fedex.