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I ordered some computer equipment over the internet several days ago. It's on the weekend of course, i have the tracking number & the expected arrival of my package is sometime today (1.11.12) Well according to the tracking number they received my package & put it on the truck already at 5am. Well it should be expected that i get it somewhere around 12pm but it's past that & i know it won't get here until 530pm. Well i have to work. So if i can't get my package today i'll have to wait til tomorrow, but it's supposed to snow tomorrow & i don't really want to deal with the snow. Of course there is nothing on the website or on phone to allow a pickup before the arrival so they end up taking all day just to get here.

I know they have other deliveries to make, but this is pretty ridiculous especially since i live only 10 minutes from there. The point is i prefer to have an option on whether or not i could come in to grab my package or have it delivered if i know i will be home during that time. But they don't even give a decent time frame. "Oh it could be delivered anywhere from 9am to 6pm (sometimes later)". That isn't a decent time frame. How is someone supposed to sit & wait for that long just so they can have their sensitive equipment that requires a signature?

I'm battling on whether or not i should stay home to see if my package will be delivered, if i do i lose hours at work. If i don't i may have to drive in the snow tomorrow. As most other consumers want, we want a time frame so we can plan ahead. And i don't like the idea of my package just sitting there taking all day just to get to my house, especially when i live 10 minutes away!! It's like they're going out of state just to make a delivery then head towards another state to make another one. I often wonder if the driver even knows where he is going. It's one thing if the package came in the afternoon & i get it in the evening but when they got it early in the morning & already being driven off the warehouse 10 minutes from my home & they end up taking 14 hours just to arrive to my location is ridiculous.

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You are absolutely correct. My package arrived in OMaha (according to UPS records) on Wed before TKX.

but it is hold to be delivered late Monday.

From East of Omaha to West 5 days. I believe it is world record.


Stuck in traffic ,,, not to worry ,, you just found your package,,, your most likley behind a big brown UPS Turd Still trying to make last weeks deliverys , basicly the rush order for moms new life support systems...


like blah said mychoice. its just that it gives you the choice to pick up your pkg or even get a 2 hour confirmed window of delivery.

maybe doing that would have been a better use of your time than waiting at home all day and writing this.


True, but they don't really do much either. The UPS in my area can give me a proper time frame & they're FAR much more helpful then the people at the 800 number.

It's not my fault the UPS doesn't give out the location numbers so THE LOCATIONS could give me a better time estimate too.

I had to dig around on the internet just to find the number. So the next time i need to use UPS i'll let my location know if i'm going to need to pick up the package a day or 2 before it arrives if necessary.


You can pick up your package if it's not already on a car but once it has left the center there is no way to 'pick it up' as it won't be back to the center until the end of the day. So either plan ahead or wait for the delivery, both are on you.

And as an fyi, you can get through on the 800 line if you press 0, then press 0 again, magically a person answers.


It was a 2 day. Well i realized i should have called the UPS in my area ahead of time (by at least a day) & the 800 number is useless & won't let you do anything other then listen to where your package is.


or ups my choice...go to the website


You can get your packages delivered in a time frame if you want it just needs to be shipped priority next day which will cost you five or eight times the amount of regular shipping. You get what you pay for.

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