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I understand that if you pay for ground shipping it takes problem is when I check the status of my package and it says out for delivery at 5:15 am and my package doesn't get to my house till after 6pm..I had to *** from work so someone can receive the package ,I COULD HAVE WENT TO WORK IF I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPENED!!!!inot only did I miss a day of work but I don't get paid for the day...I wouldn't be pissed if they delivered my package in the morning rather than at 6 pm

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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My package been out for delivery since 5am now it's after 7pm some ***.


Ups can never designate time package will be delivered, which makes it inconvenient for me and my wife. You call the 1 800 number and

Person on line can't confirm time.

I have had a lot of packages lost

In their care and companies have to eat the losses to replace lost



Hilarious that all these people jump to the defense of UPS. I have been avoiding them for well over ten years.

Expensive and slow. They are an example that makes me feel we as a nation cannot get things done anymore. I but an item on Ebay direct from China for less than a dollar and it gets to the states within a couple of days. Where it sits.

It sits here, it sits there. It sits everywhere.

UPS used to be a good option, maybe in like the 80's. But for a long time it has been expensive and slow. They make sure it does not get there until the absolute last minute that was guaranteed.

Whereas USPS or FedEx do not seem to intentionally delay regular deliveries(they do seem to mess with international).

The USPS may not offer tracking(sure they claim to) but they are way better. Seems people do not really use them anymore, but get drafted into their waiting game via opting for free or lower shipping costs, I assume which are worked out through contracts.

Never, ever felt this way about FedEx


if you go for the cheap shipment for ground... Expect a 7 to 10 days waiting to get your package.

They seem very fast on their 3 days shipment but even if the package is in the same state for 3 days delivery. You still have to wait 3 days for it, and not the least one or two days it suppose to reach you. Yes they will hold it for the expected deliver to your home... Only I have seen faster service and not holding your package are OnTrac company.

USPS are known to steal package or money in envelope.

Not sure if the govn't pay them good enough... lol


Do you really think that a driver has only one package on his car? That he would drive directly from the center to your house?

What a tool.

There are 300 plus packages on a car on any given day...air has a commit time-it goes first, then businesses get delivered, and because most residential deliveries are working people, resy goes last...that's YOU. BTW Marty is wrong...3day, most 2da and ground have no commit time...thus they an be delivered ANY time of day.


The packages are delivered in order of time comittment.

Next Day Air is delivered first, then 3 day select, then 2nd day air.

Ground has no time comittment as it the lowest price and lowest priority, so your delivery could be in the evening


The 5:15 scan doesn't mean the driver is out delivering at 5:15.

It means it's on a truck and will be out for delivery that day. Our drivers don't leave the building until 9:00 - 9:15 a.m.

I apologize for the wait.

However, you can sign up for UPS My Choice and from there you can select a two hour delivery window when you would like your driver to deliver your package. Good luck!


still 9:15, in a smaller town of, say, 30,000 people, it should only take an hour or 2 to unload that truck. 12 hours to run a route?

REALLY? you guys are worse at procrastinating than the post office. atleast the post office schedules mail delivery...I could drive 900+ miles in the time it takes you guys to run an in town route. CHRIST!

I understand that time is money, sad thing is most of your drivers exploit that and drag their *** big time. any other private company would dock pay for doing that.


Just because a package is on the truck at a certain time for delivery, doesn't mean it is going to be delivered right away. The drivers follow a certain route. I would be willing to bet it also said out for delivery by end of day.