Baltimore, Maryland

I ordered some clothing from a company that was located in New York. I live in Maryland, so its not that far away, right?

The clothing company delivers my order on time, and UPS provides a tracking number. Then a few days later UPS says they have delivered my package...but wait! I have recieved no package! I have a long driveway that leads up to my house, and I have had problems before with UPS drivers simply not getting out of their trucks to deliver my packages!

My order was expensive ($250) and it is just gone! It was never delivered, or if it was, they didn't deliver it to me because I was home the entire day that UPS said they delivered my order, and I never heard a knock, or even saw/heard a UPS truck!!! I (and everyone I know) have always had issues with UPS! Almost every UPS order I have ever recieved has had an issue! I paid for them to deliver a package to my why do I ALWAYS have to drive 45 minutes to their office to PICK UP the package I paid to have shipped to my door!!!! I think UPS is a horrible company with bad service- if THEY lose your package, YOU have to contact the shipper and tell the shipper to start an investigation...why can't UPS just contact the driver and ask him/her why they didn't feel like getting out of their truck that day??? [Can you tell I've had ALOT of trouble with UPS?? Go with DSL or Postal Service! UPS is HORRIBLE!]

Monetary Loss: $250.

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My package was to be delivered today. I sat home waiting.

At 5:30 I decided to see where my package was by using the tracking number. Said it was delivered at 2:56. I was home at that time. I received nothing.

Not even a drive by. Customer Service is like "Oh Well, you have to call the company you ordered from".

That makes no sense. They didn't not drive it to my house and say It was delivered.


Well, at least they lost it and you might be able to file a claim. I am getting a nightmare story with them right now. The driver didn't ring the bell for two days in a row, and simply left a visit card. I was home, and when you ring the intercom, it rings on my cell phone which work just fine.

I called UPS to file a complaint about that and report the delivery to the next monday since I absolutely had to go to the office the next day. They told me they can't deliver to a nearby UPS Store because they are franchises, so I decided just to be patient. They told me a supervisor would call me back, which never happened, but I didn't mind about that, I tought I was getting my package on Monday. On monday morning, I checked the UPS website and tracked my package. It was shown as schedule for that day. I printed a sheet in case the driver does not understand that you had to input 115 on the intercom to reach me and left it where he usually leave the paper when you are not there. ***, its not that complicated, various guys from convenience stores, taxi drivers and friends use the intercom without any instruction and they managed just fine so far without any remarks or instructions.

Guess what? The driver did not come on Monday. So I called UPS at 8pm, and the lady told me a supervisor would call me in the morning before 10am to solve my issue. No one called me and it was now 10:15 so I called UPS once again.

After repeating my updated story for the third time, I finally got a hand of a UPS supervisor who put me in hold and reached the driver, who confirmed he would come today. The guy sounded pretty nice and cooperative, and he told me if the package was not delivered in the middle of the afternoon, he would call the driver and give me an update.

Well, guess what? The package did not arrive in the afternoon and nobody called me. I waited until 5:45PM and called back UPS once again. After giving my tracking number to the clerk, I asked nicely to him if I could speak to a supervisor. He told me he couldn't transfer me to a supervisor but not to worry, the delivery was confirmed with the driver and it was a sure thing he would come today.

So far, it's 7:00PM, UPS has not shown yet and i'm desperate. Their service suck, they never respect their promises and they don't deliver my package. It seems that they are not coming again today. I never had a problem with them in the past, but you can be sure I will never order anything by UPS again. They have no respect whatsoever for their customer's time.


okay so i ordered something from urban and i receive an e-mail that says it's been shipped and to check my tracking. so i go on the ups website and it says my order was shipped august 2010?

it's 2011 -__- and that they left it at the front door but there isn't even a note or anything! what should i do cause school start on monday and i need that bag D:


I'm a scab and I susk some ***


I hear the stories, but I've been using UPS for 10 years and never had much of a problem and I don't know anyone else that has problems accept late arrival, or attempted deliveries. They came at night once and I got worried, but it came it finally came around 8. Dennis just has an anti-worker bias against unions, so I'm not going to pay attention to those lies from the pigs mouth.


Twice I had problems with UPS. They said they delivered my package and they did, to my neighbor.

This time I cant find it at all. Everyone who does business with UPS should consider a signature delivery because the driver could be stealing things. I think this happens more than UPS wants to admit to.

This is a union company so they cant just fire people. They have to just let them keep screwing up untill something big happens.

Bottom line, dont ship UPS


This just happened to me yesterday. My Office Mac 2011 was supposed to arrive yesterday, so I didn't hang around school after my class ended.

I was home before noon and was waiting for the package to arrive. I checked the status online at around 4PM and it said the package was delivered at 2:35...

I went outside and nothing was there. So I'm stuck working on my *** old PC until I get a replacement.


they claim to lose all valuble items and steal them which on top of the service is just awful


@ Shirley-

UPS doesn't deliver mail, lol. You sure you're not thinking of USPS?



I missed my mail a few days ago and when I checked my tracking, it said they left a notice BUT I DIDN'T FIND A NOTICE. So i called customer service to ask and they rescheduled it for the next day. BUT it didn't come. So I ended up calling at least 10 times a day, and rescheduling 3 times and asking about my package and I even e-mailed them a minute ago.

According to the tracking though, they made no attempts to redeliver because it only says they left a notice.

I'M SO PISSED. My package isn't as expensive as yours ($120) but its a lot for a 15 year old!


This just happened to me. I missed delivery on a Friday and saw the notice on my door saying they would try again on Monday after 5pm.

The note also had "Sender requested a signature to confirm delivery" checked, which means they have to get a signature and hand it to a person. Never heard from UPS again.

I suspect it was delivered to the wrong address and the person just claimed to be me. I'm sure the investigation will take forever.


"if THEY lose your package, YOU have to contact the shipper and tell the shipper to start an investigation..."

Well, they're the ones who paid UPS to ship it, so that's obviously how it would work. And it doesn't sound like UPS lost your package, it sounds like it was stolen. Bottom line is, you're entitled to a refund, so it's not as if you've lost $250. If you say you've had problems like this before, one would think you'd have caught on already and requested a signature requirement, problem solved.

And let me know how using DSL works out for you, because I've never heard of them. DHL isn't bad though, lol.