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Recently order a product that was shipped by UPS signature required on delivery. I missed the first two attemps because I work, I took a day off to be home at the time specific on the UPS form.

After waiting all day at the house (hours were from 10-1530) I had another appointment to be at. Since UPS can not be professional and delivery on time and they specific the product was returned.

The company lost a 500 dollars sale and UPS lost a customer. I'll assume if the company lose enough business they will switch to a company that can get the job done.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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This happened to me also but the notices of the so called attempts were left on my door, but at the top of the door about a foot and a half over my head. I mean who looks up for notices on the door when you are trying to herd kids, groceries and the family dog in for the day.

Moreover, when I called UPS and checked the website, I was informed the next delivery would be that day. I waited all day and the package was never delivered.

I had called UPS twice already to make sure the package would be delivered and was assured that it would be. When I called at the end of the day, I was informed the package was "lost" and had to open an investigation.

The so called investigator refused to listen to my story and fianlly told me that the package was at the dispatch center. She said that she could help me more but would not because of my attitude, my attitude and ire was directly caused by their mishandling and incompetence of the situation. I said so you refuese to do your job to the best of your ability to correct the situation and she hung up on me.

UPS is one of the most incompetent comapanies that I have dealt with. It is no wonder it makes local and national news when someone finally catches a package delivery being thrown over a fence and thus breaking the contents, i believe this was another company but i think they are all guilty. I worked for a company that used UPS and one of our packages looked like something took a *** out of it so the customer sent it back, UPS tried to say that it was packeaged incorrectly. I mean how can you go wrong with a cardboard box, packing materials and tape to ship a bunch of video tapes.


7 days is correct, same as 5 business days, are you a tard?


:( A friend sent a gift to my house & asked if I received it. I hadnt.

The driver claims to have attempted a delivery on 3/30/12. NO notice was left that he was even there! My friend got UPS to hold the package for me to pick up 15 miles away from my home! When I spoke with the "coordinator" she told a post was mailed to my house to notify me.

The post card never came! They were returning my product to the sender..

good thing the person sending me the gift called and it was held! This isnt the first time we has the same issue!!


wrong and wrong, I lost a day of vacation time to wait for the package to arrive at the time indicated on the form. I wait all day plus and extra 45 minutes.

Yes it true they will hold the package for me to come and get. However, I paid for home delivery, I used a vacation day and spent in waiting at home. The form they leave should read will attempt again in the Morning, Afternoon or Evening hours, it doesn't it specific a time, I was there they were not. I will not use UPS every agian.

Fedex is my priority shipper now for work and personnel.

With shipping cost buying online doesn't really save anything anymore. UPS loss a customer.


they will hold it for 5 days not seven


if a package has a signature requirement, ups will make 3 attempts and if unable to deliver, will hold the iem at the shipping center for an additional 7 days where you can then pick it up.

you can also try googling ups my choice for other options.


First of all, I have no idea why it needs a signature. It's paid for, it's nothing dangerous, etc. Ok, fine, it needs a signature. The note left by the UPS driver stated that, because they tried to deliver and I was unavailable,they would try again the next day and very clearly marked the boxes indicating that the pkg would be delivered 'after 5pm' the next day. So, I make arrangements to be home by 5, which is not easy, and wait for 3 hours before checking online to see what the problem is. Wouldn't you just know it!! Their site says they tried to deliver at 1:45 and customer was not available. SO, I find on my door another note that states that they missed me and they'll make their "Final Attempt" tomorrow. NO TIME SPECIFIED on this second note, mind you! I am so enraged right now I think I'm losing years on my life as each minute passes.

So, basically, they'll be making their official 'Final Attempt' to deliver tomorrow and if, for 'ANY' reason, I can't be here when they are, the product is sent back to the Manufacturer and I and they 'both' lose money due to absolutely NO FAULT of mine or the Manufacturer.

Un, @#$%&!!, believable and absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!!!