I woke up today to check my shipping progress on UPS website. To my surprise, it is showing the date of tomorrow with "Order Processed: In Transit to UPS". Even in Eastern Side of the earth, it is not happening.

I do not really understand what is going on.

There was a time when someone sent be a package one year ago. UPS even mistakenly send to the wrong state, not city, state! It took them more than a week to get it right without any apologies even.

Seriously, stop thinking that you are a big company that can ignore any single customer's feelings.

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This means that your shipper created a label and is getting the package to UPS. UPS does not have the package because your shipper has not given it to them.

Once UPS has the package you will see a delivery date. So, call your shipper and ask them when they plan on giving UPS the package.


Let me shed some light.

Apparently, the company that created this label for you did not process their "end of day" report on 09/26. Obviously, the package was picked up by the driver that day.

They just processed their EOD report on 09/29 thus giving you that message.

And no, UPS cannot turn back time. Hope this is clear, otherwise contact Customer Service.