I woke up today to check my shipping progress on UPS website. To my surprise, it is showing the date of tomorrow with "Order Processed: In Transit to UPS". Even in Eastern Side of the earth, it is not happening.

I do not really understand what is going on.

There was a time when someone sent be a package one year ago. UPS even mistakenly send to the wrong state, not city, state! It took them more than a week to get it right without any apologies even.

Seriously, stop thinking that you are a big company that can ignore any single customer's feelings.

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This means that your shipper created a label and is getting the package to UPS.UPS does not have the package because your shipper has not given it to them.

Once UPS has the package you will see a delivery date.So, call your shipper and ask them when they plan on giving UPS the package.

New Mexico, United States #877108

Let me shed some light.

Apparently, the company that created this label for you did not process their "end of day" report on 09/26.Obviously, the package was picked up by the driver that day.

They just processed their EOD report on 09/29 thus giving you that message.

And no, UPS cannot turn back time.Hope this is clear, otherwise contact Customer Service.

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