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On December 23, 2011, my repaired TV shipped from Parsippany, NJ. Destination: New York City, all of 30 miles away.

Indeed it arrived at UPS in NYC on December 24, but rather than making it onto a local truck for delivery to my apartment, it was sent on a vacation to Indianapolis, IN, over 600 miles away. On December 29, it departed Indianapolis for Secaucus, NJ; on December 30 it arrived in Secaucus only to be sent back to Indianapolis. On January 4, 2012, it left Indianapolis again for Secaucus. I spoke to a customer service rep on January 4 after returning home from my holiday trip and finding that my TV hadn't been delivered.

I was assured by a customer service rep that I would receive the package by end of the day on January 6. Late on January 5, the website tracking system changed the status of my package to unknown delivery. I called again and was told I might receive the package on January 9. The rep said there had been a problem routing the package but nobody knew about the problem until I called.

(Huh??? A logistics company couldn't notice that this package had become a ping-pong ball?) After a considerable amount of time being placed on hold on January 6, I learned that the package was physically located in Secaucus. Unfortunately, because I called, the package has been intercepted and it cannot be delivered. One hour ago, I received an email from UPS saying they cannot assist me further--yes, I have this in writing!

Loving to bang my head against a brick wall, I phoned moments ago to talk to a live rep. She confirmed that my problem ain't their problem. Goodnight sucker! Take it up with the shipper.

I've had it! I will never ship with UPS, and I will never purchase from or do business with a merchant that has an exclusive shipping arrangement with UPS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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