In the last 6 months, I have had the following experiences with UPS:

1. Marked a packaged as delivered, but I didn't get it. They told me to go door to door to look for it in my neighborhood! 2 months later, they delivered it. They left it at some random house several blocks away even though my address was clearly on it.

2. Attempted for 3 days to deliver a shipment to an address I haven't lived at in 7 years. Was just clothes I'd ordered online and sent to my home. For some reason when it arrived in town, they decided to deliver it to this old address even though the tracking showed my current address. I had to call them 4 times to fix it because I would call, they would say it was fixed, it would show out for delivery, then exception wrong address.. day after day even though I called them. They told me they had ''no idea'' how this happened. Logistics! <3

3. Marked a shipment ''delayed no further information available'' on the day it was due for delivery. No info on where it was, when it would be delivered or why it was being ''held.'' Scary that they can do this to your items. Still haven't received it and they apparently are at no obligation to explain, just to ''check the tracking often'' is their solution for me.It wouldn't be bad if ok, fine it's delayed , it happens, I get that... it's when they tell a customer they don't know why. They don't know when it will be delivered. They have no information... that's the part that's unacceptable. That's kinda what we paid you to handle.

Whenever a UPS item is send with their Mail Innovations system and handed off to local post office for delivery - it's aces. I get everything on time , even early sometimes. When it's in the hands of only UPS, it's a nightmare. We stopped using them for a few months after the #2 on my list. Tried again and here's #3.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Mail Service.

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