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We just purchased raw land in Somerset CA. It is a rural area and we do not have a physical address for our property yet. Our local post office is where ALL of our mail/packages get delivered. We receive on average 2-3 deliveries per week. If it is not possible to be delivered to our PO Box, we choose General Delivery and it is held for up to 1 month for us at the post. FedEx and DHL have no issues with this. UPS will only make the delivery if it is being shipped "smart post", apparently some deal worked out between UPS & USPS. If a package is shipped regular UPS ground, they will not make the delivery! This means that I have to make a 3hr round trip to Sacramento just to pick up my package. The best part is that its only available, for pick up Mon-Fri 3:30pm-6pm!!!

It makes no sense at all. The post that they refuse to deliver to is in town right off the highway. They demand a physical address other than the post office that the driver passes multiple times each day. Once we get our address, UPS is going to wish they could drop it off at the post, instead they will be traversing a 3.5 mile mountain dirt/mud road that theyll probably get stuck on. I informed UPS of this as well, they still dont care.

Even though they will not deliver the package, they still load/unload the package from the delivery truck everyday! This means the package drives past the post office a handful of times eachday without being dropped off. A picture of stupidity.

Asked UPS to hold the package for us at their warehouse until we get back in town in 2 weeks. Was told they couldnt hold our package for us and they would be returning it to the shipper! Zero customer caring/service! I said, cant you just stick the package in a corner of your massive warehouse until we are back in town? Was told no! UPS has stopped caring! Have never had 1 issue with FedEx, the delivery is ALWAYS made! Shouldnt have to have UPS's customer service on speed dial. Have never had to contact any other shipper because of non delivery. BOYCOTT UPS until common sense is a company value.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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800# gives wrong info again!

I work for UPS, you ask for it to be held for Future Delivery (example March 28th), on the 26th, you request change to Will Call status to pick up at the Customer Counter where it will be held for 7 calendar days for you to pick up.

When tracking it, look for DCR Complete.

When you see DCR Complete, you can pick it up the next day after 12:30 PM, or anytime the days after that.

I have over 30 yrs with UPS, so I know what I am talking about.

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