What is this UPS Access Point ***? I ordered a $1000 computer.

I had not received a slip on my door, but the tracking says it at some boutique. I go there, they say they don't have it yet. I go there the next day, twice, and they say it's weird there system says the package is here but they don't have it. The next day they call me and say the manager OPENED my package and tried to set up MY NEW COMPUTER because they thought it was a delivery for them, even though my name was on the package, but I could come get it anytime.

Ummm , no.

So now they have to send the computer back, I have to wait for a refund (because I don't have an extra $1000) and order the computer all over again. Why was my package not dropped at the UPS store which is less than a mile away?

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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