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Iam having a terrible stressful experience with UPS.A couple of months I sent my friend, in a county no. of me, a 20.00 little gift.

Almost 2 mos went by and I never got an acknowledgement from her, which was quite unusual, couldn't reach her. I then assumed the gift could have been stolen, since she had things taken already from her porch. I called the company and told them she never received it. They were very nice a replaced the 20.00 item.

Come to find out she did not receive it. A Week later I had more ups deliveries coming,which I have been getting here, where Ive been living for 5 yrs. All if a sudden, this nasty started started telling me, for now on I have to sign for every package. Not paying attention, I foolishly signed for it.

I said why am I being singled out and made to sign for all of my packages, all of a sudden. He quietly said BECSUSE of my claim. All I did was report 1 item missing, one county no. of me.I don't believe not in this driver area.

I had nothing to do with this missing I purchased. I have been purchasing hundreds and hundreds of items from the shopping clubs and elsewhere for over 5 yrs and I never had this problem from a driver. In 5 yrs yrs I had one item missing in my blg. It was replaced and there was never an issue.

My neighbors in my blg. also had some items missing or stolen and they were replaced without an issue. Iam deffinately not going to sign for any packages, ever, when no one in my blg. had to start signing after a loss.

Iam being singled out by this nasty piece of work driver.This has become a nightmare for me. It is sooo demeaning, and worse than that, slanderous. Iam not going to be policed by ups or anyone else. That will the day when I've done nothing.

If this nightmare is not ended soon Iam consulting an Attorney. I was told that all this is coming from that----- driver. Iam sooooooo stressed out from this it's horrid!!!!!!!!!!!! I have notified the customer service at the 800 #I am also calling and emailing UPS, at the main hub in Georgia.

I have more deliveries Iam waiting for. Two of them are health related and I have to have them ASAP.!!!!

I have notified all the shopping channels and the people I do business with that if they see anything that says 1 2 or 3 attempt sent to them in an email, they are all erroneous and we're held from me on purpose because I am not signing anything unless it's very expensive electronic equipment from Fed ex, which I've signed for in the past. This is one horror senero for me!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My ups issue has not been resolved.

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