Ketchikan, Alaska
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Worst customer service. Why?

Because it is outsourced to the Philippines. No common sense, scripted answers, and if you make a complaint about them, it goes straight to the same place. UPS doesn't want to know their 2nd class choice of handling customers is not going well. I live on a 14 mile island and the South got left off the address.

They have had it three weeks, not a word. I call "customer service" and they tell me it is going to take another 48 hours for the computer to notify the distribution center.

Guess what, it took 4 days later. UPS will never do any better because they have made sure you have no way to contact anyone who matters.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I live in the Philippines. I had a package sent here from the US.

UPS increased the value of the item by a factor of 3 for duties and taxes.

It has been with the UPS Representative Company here for three weeks processing. Last time to use UPS!


Just to understand, the Shipper did not put the entire correct address on the label, and it is the up to UPS to figure out the correct address?

Personally, I would be steaming mad at the shipper.

If they had put the correct address on the label in the first place, you would have you item.

Put the blame where it belongs, and it does not belong here!