Grove, Oklahoma
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I have Amazon prime and ordered a reborn doll there for my sister, she is sick and its her birthday and I want to get her something special on last friday. I was told based on the weekend and two day shipping that the doll would be in TODAY, at my HOUSE.

I was like "Oh, cool it will be here just in time for her bday on Tuesday." But then I saw the dreaded UPS logo saying they were bringing it to my damned house. I havocily kept checking the UPS website because I have had family in the past have things LOST through them numerous times OR damaged. But everything seemed to be going good. So it seemed normal pace that it was coming and I was happy....till this morning that is.

I checked the website AND Amazon and it said the doll was being held because they didn't get the shipping info till Sunday but thats not a work day for them. I didn't know they didn't process things on weekends and didn't know they held stuff at processing plants. But Amazon is still saying its coming today which it clearly is not from what the UPS website says. Plus it has not budged from OKC since 4:39 a.m.!

I have called 3 times to demand my package and I was told it takes two days to get things shipped to homes. Plus also they were quite rude and blamed Amazon prime for lieing to me and Amazon is blaming them. Its a whole he said she said bunch of *** basically. I was mad because now their holding a 90 dollar doll in OKC and I get it Wednesday instead of today which was my sisters birthday!!

I had to go to my sisters party empty handed, look like an *** and hurt my little 10 year old sister! Go you *** UPS!

Making people look like idiots and making little girls cry. Bravo!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Yep sounds like amazon dropped the ball