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UPS lost my package and cost me $700

United Parcel Service (ups)


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Submitted 7/15/2015

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Please allow me to tell you what UPS did to me! On May 28th, 2015 we issued a pick-up for a box containing the rear end for our lawn mower. We inadvertently entered in the value of the part at $100, having no idea of the value. On June 28th we recieved a call from the gentlemen whom was to be repairing and returning it to us, stating he never recieved the package. Long story short, UPS had lost our 35# pkg. They sent us an email with links on where to file a claim, right away without even taking a day to look for it, never mentioning that they were never going to remberse us for more than $100. They told us to get documentation of value for new, used and refurbished parts so we did that, those prices were $550-$750. After a week or so they call us back saying they need signed documentation of the costs, again we waste our time running around getting the paperwork signed and send it in again. We again get a call today saying they will pay a whopping $100 towards our lost package (the package THEY lost). Now I realize we are 10% to blame in this by having faith in UPS, assuming they are not going to lose a 35# package and only listing it as only $100 value.

The other 90% falls solely on UPS, they not only lost it, they refused to look for it, they take no ownership in the fact they cost this hardworking family of 6 $700 and have drug this whole thing out over almost 2mo. I will never ship UPS again and I'll post this all over social media until UPS makes this right and quits stepping on the little guy!

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Excuse you!

YOU are 90% at fault for only placing $100 value on a $700 item.

Had yo placed a $700 value on it in the first place, you would receive $700. It was up to you to put the correct amount of declared value on it BEFORE you sent it!!

Look at it this way.

A person owns a Classic Car and places a value of $5,000 on it with the insurance Company.

It gets totalled, and the Owner then discovers it is worth $15,000, and gets a check for the insured amount of $5,000.

The Owner has no right to come back and claim the Ins Co.

is trying to rip them off for the extra $10,000 the car was worth! Same here, you are just out of luck for rolling the dice and losing!

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